About the Author


I grew up in the Alberta prairies where I spent the majority of my time at the family lake cabin, which inspired my creative side for crafting, painting, and a great passion for writing. It also pushed me to earn a Bachelors of Science which helped me explore opportunities working in both environmental, and food laboratories.

I currently live in the prairies with my husband and two spirited young daughters, where I am as comfortable bingeing a great show as I am spending the day outside with my family. As it is, the only thing that could rival my love of family is a mug of hot chocolate on a frigid Canadian night. Not to mention a good football or hockey game. My first book, Family Fun at the Lake, reflects the simplicity of my life as a child and mirrors those feelings in watching my own children grow up.

Want to know a little more about me?

I have moved across Canada twice. It was an adventure I enjoyed and still fondly remember. Some hobbies I practice include touring the country looking for small breweries with my husband, and making nine meals a day for my children. I have a dog, two cats, and multiple plastic plants. As for some of my favourite things in life, I relish in listening to waves crashing, smelling campfire smoke, and researching the elusive beasts of cryptozoology.